Landlord/Tenant Resources

Tips on how to be a Responsible Pet Owning Tenant


  • Offer an extra security deposit
  • Keep your home tidy and vacuum frequently (ie: once a week)
  • Change the filters in your furnace monthly
  • Change the cat's litter box on a regular basis (weekly at a minimum)
  • Keep your cats inside
  • Have your cats spayed as the spray not only creates an unpleasant oder, it is also extremely difficult to remove that oder. It saturates carpets to the concrete which then needs to be treated. Hardwood floors need to be replaced.


  • Offer an extra security deposit
  • keep your dogs nails cut short as to minimized scratches on hardwood
  • Keep your dogs barking to a minimum. If your dog is a barker, try anti-anxiety techniques, a bark collar, excercisingthem before you leave for the day/night. See our resource list for more ideas.
  • Keep your home tidy and vacuum frequently (ie: once a week)
  • Change the filters in your furnace monthly
  • Keep your dogs restrained/leashed when in common areas
  • Clean up an accidents in common areas IMMEDIATELY. If it is something more extensive, let your neighbors know that you are doing your best to address it at your expense IMMEDIATELY.
  • Follow any rules set forth by the landlord or association as they relate to pets.
  • Clean up/bag your pets waste immediately and dispose of appropriately
  • If you are going to be gone an extended amount of time (more than 8 hours), make arrangements for your pet to be walked.
  • Ensure your pet is getting the appropriate amount of social and excercise time. A minimum of 1 hour a day outside. Larger dogs- 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day minimum.
  • Understand-not everyone likes dogs or are afraid of them.
  • Be respectful of your neighbors if they express concerns or complaints. Do what you can to address those concerns/complaints in a timely manner.

Negotiating with your
Landlord/Associationto Allow your Pet

  • Offer extra security deposit
  • outline in bullet form your committment to your pet and your understanding of your responsibilitys (My committment to My Pet outline attached)
  • Agree to pay for any damage immediately and administer an repairs immediately
  • Offer to do a "trial" period
  • Point out that it is proven that pets on premises deter crime and increase security
  • Point out that pets are a positive influence on people's demeanor
  • Provide numerous pet references (previous landlords, vets, dog walkers, friends, neighbors)
  • Provide proof of spay/neuter and full vetting
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Set up a meeting for the Landlord/Association to meet the pet
  • Possibly have your pet certified as a therapy/good citizen canine
  • Have your pets' inoculation records available for the landlord to ensure them that your pets are up-to-date on all vaccinations.
  • Ask your veterinarian to write a letter of recommendation stating how responsible you are as a pet owner.
  • If you have rented previously with a pet, ask your previous landlord to write a letter of recommendation stating your good record as a tenant.


  • I agree to excercise you every day at a minimum of acceptable standards
  • I agree to socialize you with other dogs and people
  • I am committed to making you the most emotionally healthy dog by addressing any anxieties and fears you may have. Thus, decreasing barking, accidents and misbehaviour in general
  • I am committed to keeping you healthy.
  • I am committed to being a good owner by cleaning up after you immediately.
  • I will treat you well and train you.


  • Pet is not let out to go to the bathroom at least morning and evening.
  • Pet is left for more than 8-10 hours on a regular basis.
  • pet is tied up/left outside 24 hours in all weather.
  • Pet is emaciated/is not being fec.
  • Obvious scars/cuts.
  • Owner is beating the animal
  • An excessive number of pets being kept in the home

If you see signs of abuse, Call Chicago Animal Care & Control